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What if you could tell your story with such Clarity and Force that it moved people to Rise Up and become not just customers, but Raving Fans, Diehard Supporters and Word-­Of-Mouth, Contagion-Fueling Evangelists?

It’s one of the biggest struggles for mission-­driven Entrepreneurs,
Founders, Change-makers
and Aspiring movement leaders…

You have an earth-­shattering idea or product or company in your head. Maybe you’ve even started producing and offering it. You know it can make a huge difference. And, it’s not just about your product or brand, it’s about something bigger.

But you can’t seem to explain it to people in a way that lets them “get” what it is, instantly understand why it’s so important, then buy it and tell everyone they know about it.

You know, if you could, everything would change…

People would line-­up to not only become customers, but to rally others and maybe even turn your vision into what I call a Business of Belonging™ (BoB). Something they’d support not just because they want what you have to sell, but because they want to be a part of something bigger. Something that resonates on a deeper level. Something that connects and touches the lives of hundreds, or thousands or, gulp…millions…and helps you build something that truly matters. Something that grows not at the typical slug’s pace, but at the speed of contagion.

But, you just can’t crack that nut…

Truth is, you can’t even get the few people you’ve talked with to understand it, let alone get excited about it. You’ve tried everything (or, so you think). And still…crickets. Nothing. Nada. Even those you pin down for face-­to- face conversation respond with a frustrating deer-­in-­headlights look. Your genius, your ability to build what you’re here to build, to turn on the lights and lives of so many remains perpetually locked inside you.

And, here’s the most frustrating thing…

In your heart, you know it’s not because your idea or product or endeavor isn’t great. It is! You just don’t know how to get others to understand it, try it, to learn firsthand how awesome it is, to “bond” with it, then tell the world. That’s what’s so upsetting.

Of course, our first response when this happens is often to blame others.

“What’s wrong with them that they don’t get it?”

Thing is, at some point, you’ve got to stop blaming others for not getting it…

It’s not THEIR job to figure out the bundle of awesomeness that’s in your head, or in your company or product.
It’s YOUR job to share it in a way that finally lets them get it, love it, buy it and share it…and share it…and share it, until a swell of people turn it into a ripple, then a wave, then who knows, maybe even a movement. A groundswell of community-­driven goodness!

If you’re not able to do that, it’s on you, not them…

This, in fact, is the very conversation I’ve had with hundreds of gifted innovators and mission-­driven visionaries just like you, from entrepreneurs to enterprise-­level team leaders. Making something that matters, it turns out, is a profoundly different skillset than communicating it’s greatness and rallying people around it. There are a ton of resources, from books to courses to entire MBAs, on how to do the former, but almost nothing on how to do the latter.

So, here’s my question…

What if there was one very specific proven “communication device” that wove together the right words in the right way, and let you tell your story so clearly and effectively that people would immediately get it, love it, buy it, and share it on a level that could turn your idea, brand, product or venture into a mission-­driven, word-­of-­mouth juggernaut?

And, what if you could actually create this device once, then release it into the world and watch it go out and do the work for you? Seven days a week. Twenty-­four hours a day.

What would that feel like, if you had that power? What would it allow you to do that you can’t do now? How would it expand your impact, your ability to grow something successful, something that matters, something people can’t shut up about?

Well, turns out, this mysterious device does in fact exist…

It’s a highly-­specialized communication tool I’ve used for years to launch everything from books to businesses, and others have used throughout history to launch everything from global movements to albums, social-­ventures to consumer goods and personal brands to software.

What is it? The Manifesto. But not just “any” manifesto…

It’s the manifesto “done right.” And, sadly, most are done horribly wrong, which makes them utterly ineffective.

A well-­crafted manifesto is a game-­changing communication and action-­driving device. With all of the critical elements in place, and in the precise order they must appear, the manifesto has the unique power to create razor-­sharp clarity and understanding, drive purchase, and incite participation and mass-­sharing like nothing else.

Put another way…

A well-­honed manifesto is a catalyst for
connection, consumption and contagion.

Think about it. People don’t share landing pages, they don’t share emails, they don’t share sales letters or any other traditionally-­written web pages or marketing messages. They don’t even share 99.9% of videos (okay, maybe that number changes if there’s a cat in it!). But, they will share a well-­crafted manifesto like crazy, whether it appears in print, video or audio. Even if they’ve got no idea it’s a manifesto.

Why is that?

Because a manifesto-­done-­right is not just about selling, it’s about relating, uplifting, teaching, gathering, rallying, inspiring, guiding, solving and then inspiring investment and sharing for reasons that transcend an immediate, overt need and speak to something “higher-­order.”

It’s about inviting people to be a part of a bigger story, contributing power and momentum to your endeavor by not just “buying your stuff,” but also associating with a deeper ethos, then spreading that message, bringing an expanding wave of people into the effort because “they need it,” you want them to come along with you, and it’s also kind of cool to be seen as the person who found and shared something that mattered.

Problem is, most people don’t have a clue what a manifesto is, let alone how to craft one that actually taps its astonishing potential…

They mistake random snippets of grand claims, watered-­down and unoriginal platitudes or angry rally cries for a manifesto, then put these things into the world and wonder why, even if they get shared, nothing beyond that happens. It’s because they’re just malformed pieces of a bigger manifesto puzzle. If you don’t know how they go together, and if you’re missing all the other pieces, all you have is a random collection of poorly-­cobbled parts that might get you excited for a moment, then the world moves on.

Even if you figure out all the key elements and how to piece them together, most people have no idea how to send the manifesto out into the world in a way that sparks the fire of connection, consumption and contagion. Nor, do they know how to tailor the rest of their marketing or sales process, or their product or brand experience in a way that harnesses the momentum created by their manifesto and turn it into something bigger. Much bigger. A groundswell. A movement. A fiercely-­loyal and mobilized community. A true Business of Belonging!

So, my question is, What if you could learn
how to “do it right?”

As a multi-­time entrepreneur, wordsmith, student of human behavior, influence and marketing, I became fascinated with community-­driven ventures or Businesses of Belonging and the stunning advantage they have over traditional business. Over the last two decades, I’ve launched, built and sold two brick-­and-­mortar BoBs, built a number of additional ones both in the virtual space as well as hybrid online/offline versions.

Along the way, I realized the way you tell your story is critical in both launching and growing a deeply-­connected, fast-­growth venture. Do this right, everything becomes easier. People not only support you financially, they rally to help you succeed on nearly every level. Do it wrong, everything feels like you’re fighting just to be understood, perpetually grasping at possibility that lies forever beyond your reach.

As I geeked out on the structure and language of manifestos, I began deconstructing many examples, big and small. Some obvious ones that actually call themselves manifestos. But also non-­obvious ones, like the series of television commercials that Apple aired in the 80s that, pieced together formed the manifesto that redefined and breathed new life into the brand. Or Dr. King’s famed “I have a dream” speech, and even the entire ToughMudder website.

I realized quickly that manifestos take all forms, from text to video to audio to digits and code…

Some take seconds to experience and are delivered in a moment, others are rolled out in a slow build over time. Some meticulously disguise the manifesto as a simple website that mysteriously seems to do what no other can. And still others call themselves manifestos, but are really just “creeds” or statements of aspirational belief that fall far short of the promise of action.

I began to see certain patterns emerge, and started experimenting with creating my own. One of my early manifestos, disguised as a simple website, launched a private fitness club that I founded, driving rapid growth, two expansions, fierce devotion and evangelism. Another launched a yoga center in NYC that grew into a successful venture and a global community.

Yet another, this time offered as a straight-­up, overt manifesto, launched my first book, pre-­selling thousands of copies months in advance of it’s publication date and leading the publisher to increase my opening print run by 50% within 48-­hours of the manifesto’s release. Still another launched an online educational brand for authors.

It wasn’t until the last three years, when I went massively deep down
the Business of Belonging rabbit hole that a universal
“manifesto code” began to emerge…

One that exists across the nearly every manifesto used to launch and fuel so many change-­making, community-­driven Businesses of Belonging.

This code-­-­all the same elements, appearing in the same way-­-­kept popping up over and over. It was amazing to see. Some of it was fairly obvious. Those were the parts anyone who was willing to put in years of work could figure out. But then, there was the much more nuanced, under-­the-­radar stuff. The things that aren’t obvious, yet are likely far more influential and important than what appears to be happening on the surface.

I had almost all the pieces of the puzzle together, but it would literally take waking up in a sweat from a dream that allowed me to see how the jumble of surface-­level and subtle-­influence pieces went together to form what I’ve now come to call The Manifesto Code™.

Over the last two years, I’ve been refining and teaching the fundamentals of The Manifesto Code in an intensive course on consumer revolution-­building for change-­makers and organizations.

It’s been amazing to see the lights go on.
But, I also realized two things…

One, manifestos are not just for revolutions. They are stunningly powerful tools to drive connection, consumption and contagion for nearly any community-­driven
business of any size.

Two, without a proven methodology, they are also brutally hard to do well. You’ve got to know exactly what to include, how to include it, where and when to include each element, why each part must be there and, maybe most important, what to leave out and why. Can you break the rules and still succeed? Maybe, but just like the greatest writers in history, that tends to be much easier once you’ve already learned the rules and embodied them well enough to understand when, how and why to break ‘em.

These two realizations ignited a bigger call…

To share The Manifesto Code in a much more rigorous, step-­by-­step, almost templated way. To provide substantially more guidance on how to do it right AND make this driver of fierce connection, consumption and contagion available not just to larger organizations or more aggressive revolution leaders, but also to the founders, change-­makers and leaders who really need it most. Those looking to start something with more limited resources, where the potential that a powerful manifesto can ignite can be the difference between a long, slow slog and a leap into the light.

Imagine what it’d be like to have this power…

If you’ve been reading along and nodding your head, saying “yes, that’s ME! That’s my struggle and my dream. I want in on The Manifesto Code, I’ve got great news.

I’m now offering The Manifesto Code as an expanded, standalone course…


I’ve designed a special 6-­week online training that will walk you through the process, explain every critical element, why it matters and where it goes. You’ll also see examples to get inspiration from, and in real time, during your 6-­week training, craft your own manifesto.

You may still want to polish and edit it at the end and have a designer make it sing visually, but as long as you do the weekly assignments, you’ll have something very tangible, very real and very powerful to show at the end of this training. Something that, maybe for the first time, just might let you tell your story in a way that fuels immediate understanding, and also a deep desire to not only invest in your solution, but also connect with and share your vision.

And, here’s the coolest part…

The program begins on Monday, June 27th!
Here’s what you’ll get:


Private Online Learning Portal

Here you’ll find a welcome video that walks you through how to navigate the portal and the program, along with the weekly teaching modules, content examples and templates. You’ll be able to log into this from pretty much any connected device, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, no matter where you are, or what your schedule, you can dive in where and when it works best for you.


Progressive “Real-­time” Training Modules

This is not a program where you learn for 6-­weeks, then are left to do all the work on your own for months or even years later. We take what we call a “progressive implementation” approach, meaning, you do the work as you learn, in real time, not after the fact. On the first day of the training, your first module will be unlocked, so you can dive right in. Then every week for 6 weeks, a new training module will unlock for you.

Each module is designed to introduce you to the specific concepts and critical elements of your manifesto, guide you with examples and templates, then invite you to complete those same elements in your own manifesto as your weekly homework. We have also designed the modules to deliver all training content in video, audio and transcript form, so you can learn in whatever way works best for you. And, while the program is intended to be completed in real-­time, you’ll also have lifetime access to the portal and the progressive training modules, because we know that, occasionally, life happens.


6-­weeks of Virtual Office Hours Calls

As you start to dive in and do the work, questions and ideas will come up. Things you’d love to bounce off of me and our “Manifesto Mentors”. Once a week, you’ll meet for a private group call, where you can share your ideas, words and questions and get direct input from us. We like to alternate times between Wednesdays at 12pm ET and 6pm ET in order to best accommodate the needs of our global community. We’ll send you an email reminder every week with all the call-­in details. We also run a simultaneous webcast of these calls, so if you’re international and can’t easily call in, you can always join through your computer. Can’t make the calls live? We’ve got you covered. We record all calls, then post the recording in your online portal to listen to shortly after. You can also submit questions beforehand, and we’ll answer them on the call, even if you’re not there, so you can listen to the recordings when you have time.


Private Facebook Group

It’s brutally hard to succeed in any endeavor, to stay motivated and accountable, to keep taking action for days, months, even years, when you’re alone in your quest. When you don’t have “people” to rally behind you. So, we’ve created a safe, private, judgment-­free place where like-­minded visionaries like you can come together and share ideas, questions, resources and more. Somewhere you can connect with other people on the same path as you, working toward bringing something amazing to life together.

Here you’ll find your manifesto friends and champions, your colleagues in the program, past and present. You’ll be able to share your work, your words and ideas with others and get feedback, support and accountability in a private, safe place. Why use a private (non-­public) Facebook group? We’ve tried a number of different options, even built our own custom forums. But, we’ve learned that facebook always has exponentially higher engagement, because it’s the place most people already visit, rather than a place you have to go out of your way to remember to visit.

And, as I mentioned above, we know that sometimes things happen, so if you find that you get derailed by a job or travels or anything else, don’t worry. While your call access wraps up after 6-­weeks, you’ll have lifetime access to the modules and the portal, all training content and private facebook group. So you can come back, revisit it and move at your pace if needed.

At the end, unlike so many other trainings, we’ve designed this program so that you’ll not only have learned a ton,
you’ll have an actual, shareable “thing” that you’ve created. A solid draft of your manifesto ready for polishing, editing and design (and, hey, you may even be inspired to start geeking out on design along the way).

Imagine what having something like this could do for your idea, your business, brand, or product. Imagine what it could do for you!

To be able to step out from under the suffocating weight of your inability to tell your story in any type of compelling way. To, instead, have created a manifesto that holds the potential to go out into the world and do the work for you. One that tells your story with such clarity and force that people finally just get it, want to connect around it, consume what you’re offering and tell everyone they know. Finally.

What would that feel like to you, to be able to make that happen? What would that be worth to you, to your product, your brand, your ability to build what you’re here to build? Both in business, and life?

Before you even answer, there are actually three other critical growth tools I’ve created for you. Each one is essentially an entire additional course in accelerated growth and leadership. And, you’re going to get them at no additional cost!

You’ll also get some powerful bonuses…

Bonus 1

The Manifesto Code™ Business of Belonging Growth Manual

We seriously thought about releasing this as entire separate course. In fact, we’ll likely still do that. This manual is that detailed and that valuable. Here’s the deal. Your manifesto helps you tell your story in a way that moves people to get it, want it and share it. Then, it calls people to take the first step along a path. But, what happens after that?

How do you figure out “the rest of” the path? How do you build a flourishing community, a deeply-committed client-base and army of raving fans upon the fire started by your manifesto? How do you bridge the gap between a story well-told and a powerful Business of Belonging? How do you cultivate a fiercely loyal community? That is exactly what the BoB Growth Manual teaches you.

Fair warning, as I mentioned above, the content in this manual is so important and valuable, we may well pull this bonus down very soon, expand it and release it as its own in-depth BoB training (and likely at a more substantial tuition than the entire Manifesto Code training). So, be sure to get it as a complimentary bonus now, before we come to our senses and pull it down.

Bonus 2

The Manifesto Code Social-­Tech Fieldbook

Now that you’ve committed to creating your manifesto, how do you tap technology, from social media to desktops and mobile, to launch and share it for maximum impact. This fieldbook shows how technology is changing the word-­of-­mouth game and helps you choose and leverage the best channels, media, platforms, tools and technologies to launch and share your manifesto and grow your venture.

Bonus 3

The Manifesto Code Launch Roadmap & Checklist

There are so many moving pieces when it comes time to share your manifesto. We want to help ensure you’re doing everything possible to help it get a big send-off and also not forget any major steps along the way. So, we’re sharing a “steroided-up” version of our own in-house manifesto checklist to help keep you on track.

What’s all this worth to you?

I can’t say, only you know. Every person and every endeavor is unique. Successful manifestos have helped me launch my own ventures that have generated 7-­figures in revenue. Mega-­brands have tapped them to help build global communities and drive billions in sales. But, each person is entirely unique, including you.

The potential impact to you will be entirely dependent on the nature of your venture and your ability to execute on your manifesto and all other key elements of your business. Would it help unlock $10,000 in growth? $100,000? $1,000,000? Only you can know.

What I can tell you is this…

Tuition for The Manifesto Code 6-Week Intensive Only

Pay in Full

One-time Payment of $795 (Save $99)
Enroll NOw

Pay over time

6 monthly payments of $149
Enroll NOw

Have any questions? Anything we can help with?

We’re here to help you out! Chat, email or give us a call (yup, we’re human)!



Oh, and one other thing. You’ve got no risk…


100% Money-­back Guarantee

Sign up for The Manifesto Code, participate fully in the program, complete all available homework and, if you’re not satisfied, simply turn in your completed homework (yes, this is absolutely required, no exceptions, it helps keep perpetual students and tire-­kickers from taking up valuable spots and time in the program) within the first 30 days and we’ll give you a 100% refund. Simple as that.

Who is Jonathan Fields?

Before anything else, I’m a dad and husband. My entire career and life is built around my ability to be present with my family, contribute meaningfully to the world and live a good life.

After leaving a career as an S.E.C and then mega-­firm lawyer in a past life, I’ve spent the last two decades building my own mission-­driven Businesses of Belonging, from top-­rated brick-­and-­mortar health and fitness ventures with deeply-­engaged communities and powerful stories to online ventures across a wide variety of industries, from publishing to wellness and entrepreneurship.

I’ve created in-­person trainings, built global communities, led international events, retreats and online courses that have generated millions in sales, written award-­winning books on entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation for Random House/Portfolio, with a third on the way. I’ve produced a broadcast-­quality web-­series that’s been viewed millions of times in more than 150 countries and currently produce and host the top-­rated Good Life Project® podcast, with more than 350,000 followers and millions of listens. I’ve been invited to facilitate trainings for Fortune 100 corporations, taught thousands of students, both in-­person and online and am grateful (and often astounded) to be invited to present before international audiences of all sizes.

I’m also blessed to have found myself featured widely in mainstream media, including: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Inc., FastCompany, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc., Bloomberg BusinessWeek, USA Today, Self, Vogue, Elle, Allure, Fitness, Yoga Journal, People, O Magazine, along with thousands of online outlets, radio and TV shows and built hundreds of thousands of followers across a variety of social media platforms.

Truth is, most of this is just vanity metrics. It looks nice on paper, gives the ego a little boost, but in the end, let’s be serious, it’s really just there to answer the main question in your head right now, “is he legit?” Because, if you’re like me, you don’t want to put your trust in someone unless you resonate with who they are as a person, feel their sense of integrity and know they’ve already done what you want to do, preferably many times over, helped others do the same and can help you, too.

What people say about Jonathan & his related programs…


I have been nothing but thrilled with every aspect of the program.

I used to be a VP of Marketing – yet when faced with trying to message my own work, my wheels (& head) were spinning. I knew all the pieces necessary, but I was unable to fit them all together into a whole that made sense. I’m not one to take online workshops & I usually don’t seek out advice or guidance, especially from strangers. What I come away with is usually just far enough off the mark to not have been useful. But in the midst of growing despair around the whole thing, RevolutionU fell into my lap. My normal response would have been to take the outline provided in the intro webinar and work through it myself. But it resonated so strongly for me that I just had to sign up. And I have been so glad I did. I have been nothing but thrilled with every aspect of the program.

Christine Capra, Founder, Presencing the Active Feminine, RevolutionU program graduate

I will look back and see that this was the turning point for my message — one that
created a revolution!

…gave me the framework to finally do the foundational work — getting the “why” of my message — as a blueprint for the future. Doing this has opened up all kinds of possibilities and I am forever grateful to Jonathan and his team for doing their work first so that the rest of us can reap the benefits. I will look back and see that this was the turning point for my message — one that created a revolution!

Mike Dilbeck, Founder, Response Ability Project, RevolutionU program graduate

Now, my messaging resonates more deeply and connects more powerfully with my true fans – and that fan base is growing rapidly!

Musicians are generally known for being passionate about their art. I’m passionate about my business, too. My revolution is to inspire people and show them how to own their dreams – but I was hesitant to share my story because I didn’t want my writing to be “all about me”… Now, my messaging resonates more deeply and connects more powerfully with my true fans – and that
fan base is growing rapidly!

Lisa Robbin Young, Singer, Author, Performing Artist, RevolutionU program graduate

To me the greatest takeaway (so far) has been the refinement of my mission
and the messaging.

The message for others considering joining – If you have a purpose/mission that means something to you and you want to take it to as many people as possible and are willing to give what it takes, this course is for you! It’s not going to be easy — but the clarity you will have after taking this course makes it well worth the effort!

Sumitha Bhandarkar, Founder,, RevolutionU program graduate

It’s given me the confidence to plot a more far-­reaching revolution!

I had been spinning my wheels in my business for the past year, knowing I wanted and needed to change something but unsure about where to even start…. I went from feeling like I was flailing around with disorganized ideas and disconnected ideals in my head to having a blueprint for fitting the pieces together in a compelling and congruent way.

By the time I got halfway…I was excited and confident that not only was I finally putting to paper exactly what I wanted for my business, but also that it would be communicated to my tribe in a way that would make sense. It’s given me the confidence to plot a more far-­reaching revolution! The support of the group is amazing!

Heather Stimmler-­Hall, Owner & Editor, Fleur de Lire Press, RevolutionU program graduate

Three words. A game changer.

What we learned…has completely reshaped our business and how we reach our community. The training provided clarity, and it forced us to get clear on our purpose and reason for existing. Not only that, but we now know how to inspire and engage a community around our vision and we’ve taken one giant leap towards education of 1 million girls across Africa by 2020.
Being surrounded by people on the same journey was refreshing. I took their ideas, challenges and learnings and applied it to our creation. I can’t wait to come back together in 12 months time, and see what everyone has created.

Chantelle Baxter, Founder, One Girl, RevolutionU program graduate

I have not only gotten incredible value from the program (way more than what I paid), but I have new colleagues, new connections, and new friends.

At first I was doubting doing this program, because I have done many other high end business and coaching programs, and I thought it must be just another one of those (which I don’t get much out of anymore). But Jonathan took me much deeper in theory and understanding how I am creating a revolution, and the power behind my movement. I am incredibly happy I jumped
into this. I have not only gotten incredible value from the program (way more than what I paid), but I have new colleagues, new connections, and new friends. I am so grateful to Jonathan for the inspiration he provides and for the work he is doing. He is truly building a tribe of change makers and it feels so good to be part of a group of people doing such meaningful work. Jonathan is a true leader in this field.

Michelle Long, Founder, Bloom Retreat, RevolutionU program graduate

Be inspired. Be challenged. Gain a stronger foothold to gather your momentum.

There were so many elements that hit me and made me think and act…. The challenges are valuable and invaluable, making you stronger in your approach, your message, and your cause.

John Mertz, Leadership Populist, Thin Difference, RevolutionU program graduate

It’s been tremendous being a part of such a generous, smart and encouraging

Doing a deep dive into the “why & who” of my revolution has made a tremendous impact on how I tell our story. By session 2…the clarity I gained about who we serve, got a bestselling author to say “I want to write a book with you that serves your audience”. All I did was read him my homework from module 2 – he was blown away and totally excited about becoming a part of our revolution!

Kelli McCauley, President, McCauley & Co., RevolutionU program graduate

I’m not sure I can adequately express HOW important this work has been to me
and to my organization.

I’m still fine tuning and studying a lot of what I’ve written down. This will eventually become a speaking platform for Educational Reform and I would have never had the confidence to take something like this on without having done this coursework. This work has shut up the monkey chatter in my head that says, “this is too big” or “no one will listen” or “why would anyone listen
to ME!” and it’s empowered me to just do it! One step at a time. This program deserves the time it takes, no matter if you complete all of the work, non-­stop in 8 weeks or if it’s an ongoing project that just keeps getting honed and improved upon. This is the foundation upon which something powerful will be created!

Linda Buchner, co-­founder of MindDrive, Education Reform Consultant, RevolutionU program graduate

…better than I could have expected and was worth at least 2-­4X the value.

When joining the program I came in with a lot of marketing background, knowing my avatar and such, but the way…[the course]…was structured it gave me insights that I have never had before that will greatly help me get our Fit Moms For Life movement out there to more people and communicate in even a better way than before. Having the support of a couple hundred teammates from around the world was also an awesome thing. If you are willing to put in the
work, it is a must program to join.

Dustin Maher, Founder, Fit Moms For Life, RevolutionU program graduate

Is the Manifesto Code right for you?

One last thought. It’s about who The Manifesto Code is right for, and absolutely not right for.

If you are genuinely mission-­driven and you, your business, product or brand can genuinely solve a very real need that is shared by many others, then you’re likely a great fit. If, however, there’s really no mission beyond wanting to make money and serving a basic consumer need (which is fine for traditional business), then you’re likely not a great fit. A manifesto’s true power lies in your ability to tap into a bigger story and invite people to join in and make it their story, too.

So, if you’re that mission-­driven leader, looking to invite people into a bigger story, to serve, solve and ignite word-­of-­mouth, connection, consumption and contagion. If the idea of building a Business of Belonging with a bigger story that people rush to play a role in leaves you saying “oh hell yes,” my question is…

What would it feel like to be able to create a single communication device that went out into the world and told your story 24-­7. One that did it in such a clear and compelling way that it not only drove growth, but also rallied a devoted community and inspired contagious, word-­of-­mouth.

And, equally important…

What would it feel like to know something like that was possible, and you’d chosen not to make it happen?

This is your moment

Only question is, what are you going to do about it?

Imagine what it will feel like to be able to launch and grow or re-­ignite your venture not just as another business, scrapping for traction in a sea of better-­funded, noisier competitors, but as a mission-­driven Business of Belonging. One that inspires people to not only buy your stuff, but become die-­hard fans, evangelists and co-­creators. To step into and become a part of your story. Not because you’re paying them, but because they love what you stand for and want to rally together to help you make it happen.

Register now and, in just a few days when the program begins, you can be on the road to creating your own manifesto…and igniting that fire of connection and contagion.

And, remember, when you do, you’re also going to get the three critical bonus guides that will walk you through how to launch your manifesto, then rally people around it to grow something that truly matters.

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You’ve got Questions, We’ve got Answers…

+What happens if I’m not a writer?
Truth is most people aren’t writers. I get that. It can be tough. Even a bit intimidating. But that’s precisely why I created the Manifesto Code–to serve as a step-by-step system that removes all the guesswork.

Think of it as a personal writing assistant just for you. Step-by-step, we’ll explain what you need to write and where to put it. All you need to do is follow the instructions and when you’re done, you’ll have confidence that all the key elements that make a powerful manifesto will be there.

And in the end you will be well on your way to crafting a deeply compelling manifesto that inspires people to take action—and will transform your business, not to mention many lives.

+Will I get line-by- line editing?
While it would be prohibitive for us to do heavy review and editing of each person’s manifesto (that would increase the tuition about 5-fold), we are happy to answer any questions you might have during our VOH calls or in our private Facebook group. Also, don’t forget that with the private Facebook group, you can tap into the power of an entire community of Manifesto champions eager to help you and give their feedback.
+What do I “do” with the manifesto once it’s done?
Your manifesto can become a powerful launch device or what we call an “inciting incident” that moves people to stand up, gather with you and act.

There are infinite ways to do this, but to streamline the process for you, we have created a series of special bonus guides that show you how to launch your manifesto by leveraging technology so you can spread your vision ‘at the speed of contagion’.

+What will I actually “have” at the end of the program?
A manifesto! We’ve designed this training not so much as a learning experience, but as a “doing” experience.

So, yes, you will learn a ton about human psychology, influence, story craft and manifestos. But, more important, if you do the homework along the way, you should have a completed a solid draft of your manifesto by the end of the training.

Then, it’s up to you to decide what format you want to use to bring it to life (print, video, audio) or if you want to spend some time polishing it to really make it sing.

+How much time will it take?
This’ll vary dramatically from person to person, but we’d estimate about 2 to 5 hours a week on average, based in part on the content and the specific assignments in your homework.

We take what we call a pulsing and refueling approach, so some weeks we will ask you to do more, while others we will give you a bit more time to do the work or catch-up if you’ve fallen behind.

+What if I can’t do it all in real-time?
We’ve got you covered. While you have access to the recordings to all our mentoring calls, we encourage you to show up ‘live’ as much as possible simply because the learning experience will be richer.

However we also completely understand that ‘life happens’.

Which is precisely why you get lifetime access to the training portal with all of the content and exercises, as well as to our private online group, where you’ll be able to find continued support.

+If I sign up, then realize it’s not for me, can I get my money back?
Yes of course! We are happy to issue a full-refund.

But (and this is really important), in order to qualify you must complete all available homework and turn it in, within the first 30-days of the program. No exceptions.

Why? Because, we know that powerful things will happen when you just do the work.

And we want to work with people who are committed to making things happen in the world.

Change never happens magically just by signing up to a program and taking little action. The real magic happens one baby step at a time as you move towards your goals.

If you’ve made it this far, that tells you something….

There is a story inside you that needs to be told. and a business or brand that needs to be built.
A manifesto just might be the ultimate catalyst for both. Let’s do this, together!

Pay in Full

One-time Payment of $795 (Save $99)
Enroll NOw

Pay over time

6 monthly payments of $149
Enroll NOw

Have any questions? Anything we can help with?

We’re here to help you out! Chat, email or give us a call (yup, we’re human)!